tata nexon Petrol vs tata nexon ev

ownership Cost Analysis

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Tata Nexon(petrol)

On Road Cost : Rs 9,85,000

Price of Petrol: Rs 100

Average/Mileage in Km/pl: 11

Cost/Km: Rs 9.09


Tata Nexon EV

On Road Cost : Rs 14,85,000

Range (Distance travelled with full charge):250 Km

Price of 1 Unit (KwH) : Rs 10

Cost/Km: Rs 1.20

Units required for full battery charge: 30 Units

Cost of ownership

Tata Nexon (Petrol)

Tata Nexon Petrol

Tata Nexon EV

Nexon EV

Initial Price Difference : Rs 5,00,000

Break Even: 63371.73km

(Kms to recover extra investment on electric car)

Minimum Kms/day: 21.70

(Calculated for 8 year period)

Tata Nexon is one of the most popular sub-compact SUV on sale in India.

Tata Nexon EV is the highest selling EV in India.

I have compared it with Petrol Nexon and savings after 8 years of usage.Tata provides warranty on battery for 8 years on Nexon EV.


Light Use

After 8 years

25 km/day

Total Kms: 73000.00 kms

Petrol Cost for Nexon Petrol :Rs 663,570

Electricity Cost for Nexon EV:Rs87,600


Rs 75,970

Moderate Use

After 8 years

35 km/day

Total Kms: 102,200.00 kms

Petrol Cost for Nexon Petrol:Rs 928,998

Electricity Cost for Nexon EV:Rs 122,640


Rs 306,358

Heavy Use

After 8 years

45 km/day

Total Kms:131,400.00 kms

Petrol Cost for Nexon Petrol:Rs 1,194,426

Electricity Cost for Nexon EV:Rs 157,680



Rs 536,746

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