Altroz diesel vs Altroz petrol savings Comparision

ownership Cost Analysis

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tata altroz petrol vs tata altroz diesel

Tata Altroz Petrol

On Road Cost : Rs 690,000

Price of Petrol: Rs 100

Average/Mileage in Km/pl: 15

Cost/Km: Rs 6.67


Tata Altroz Diesel

On Road Cost : Rs 840,000

Price of Diesel: Rs 100

Average/Mileage in km/pl:  20

Cost/Km: Rs 5.00


Cost of ownership

Altroz Petrol

Altroz Petrol

Altroz Diesel

Altroz Diesel

Initial Price Difference : Rs 150,000

Break Even: 89820 km

(Kms to recover extra investment on electric motorcycle)

Minimum Kms/day: 49.22

(Calculated for 4 year period)

The government has removed subsidy on Diesel. But it hasn’t removed extra tax on diesel vehicles.

This has made diesel vehicles less economical for normal day-to-day use.

Diesel vehicles may be economical for people who have high daily usage.

Min/Kms per day for breakeven is quite high.

Light Use

After 5 years

50 km/day

Total Kms: 91,250 kms

Petrol Cost for Altroz:Rs 608,637

Diesel Cost for Altroz:Rs 456,250


Rs 2,387

Moderate Use

After 5 years

60 km/day

Total Kms: 109,500 kms

Petrol Cost for Altroz:Rs 730,365

Diesel Cost for Altroz:Rs 547,500


Rs 32865

Heavy Use

After 5 years

70 km/day

Total Kms:127,750 kms

Petrol Cost for Altroz:Rs 852,092

Diesel Cost for Altroz:Rs 638,750



Rs 63,342

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