Wagon r CNG vs wagon r petrol comparision

ownership Cost Analysis

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Wagon R Petrol Vs Wagon R CNG

Wagon R petrol

On Road Cost : Rs 560,000

Price of Petrol: Rs 100

Average/Mileage in Km/pl: 15

Cost/Km: Rs 6.67


Wagon r CNG

On Road Cost : Rs 640,000

Price of CNG: Rs 45

Average/Mileage in Km/kg: 25

Cost/Km: Rs 1.80

Cost of ownership

Wagon R Petrol

WagonR Petrol

Wagon R CNG

Wagon R CNG

Initial Price Difference : Rs 80,000

Break Even:RS 16,427.10 km

(Kms to recover extra investment on CNG car)

Minimum Kms/day: 9

(Calculated for 5 year period)

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R is one of the highest selling cars in India. It is one of the few models which comes with a factory-fitted CNG model. The company brands it at S-CNG.

CNG is available in major urban centers. You can save a lot of money by going for the CNG variant.

If you are a commercial taxi operator or have high daily usage of a vehicle, CNG can save you a lot of money in the long run.


Light Use

After 5 years

25 km/day

Total Kms: 45,625.00 kms

Petrol Cost for Wagon R:Rs 304,318

CNG Cost for Wagon R :Rs 81,125


Rs 142,193

Moderate Use

After 5 years

35 km/day

Total Kms: 63,875.00 kms

Petrol Cost for Wagon R:Rs 426,046

CNG Cost for Wagon R :Rs 114,975


Rs 231,071

Heavy Use

After 5 years

45 km/day

Total Kms:82,125.00 kms

Petrol Cost for Splendor:Rs 547,773

CNG Cost for Wagon R:Rs 147,825



Rs 319,948

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