honda activa vs tvs icube savings calculator – delhi

Enter ICE(petrol/diesel) vehicle details.

Enter EV(Electric Vehicle) vehicle details.

Unit Economics

Fuel (Petrol/Diesel) Cost per km :

Electricity Cost per Km (Electric Vehicle) :


Savings per KM: (Fuel Cost per km – Electricity Cost per km)

Initial Extra Investment(For buying Electric Vehicle):

[Initial Extra Investment = Cost of EV(Electric Vehicle)-Cost of ICE(Petrol/Diesel) Vehicle]


Break Even Kms: ( To recover initial investment )

Minimum Kms/Day:

Running Cost

Total Kms:

Yearly Kms :

Fuel Cost ICE(Petrol/Diesel):

Electricity Cost EV(Electric Vehicle):


Initial Savings:(By buying Electric Vehicle):

[Initial Savings = Cost of ICE(Petrol/Diesel) Vehicle]-[Cost of EV(Electric Vehicle)]

Total Savings (Electric Vehicle):

( In years )

(Total Savings=Fuel Cost ICE(Petrol/Diesel) – Running Cost of EV(Electric Vehicle)+Initial Savings)
(Total Savings=Fuel Cost of ICE(Petrol/Diesel) – Electricity Cost of EV(Electric Vehicle)-Initial Extra Investment)
Formula and logic Behind Calculation

Fuel Cost ICE(Petrol/Diesel) = Total Kms x Fuel (Petrol/Diesel) Cost per km

Electricity Cost EV(Electric Vehicle)=Total Kms x Electricity Cost per Km (Electric Vehicle)

Savings/KM=Fuel (Petrol/Diesel) Cost per km-Electricity Cost per Km (Electric Vehicle)

Break Even Kms=Minimum Kms you need to run to recover extra cost

Minimum Kms/Day=Break Even Kms/365 x 30 x years(How Long Would You Keep The Vehicle?)

Yearly Kms=Break Even Kms/years(How Long Would You Keep The Vehicle?)

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