splendor vs EV(Electric Vehicle) Comparision

ownership Cost Analysis

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Hero Splendor Vs Revolt RV400

Hero splendor

On Road Cost : Rs 75,000

Price of Petrol: Rs 100

Average/Mileage in Km/pl: 60

Cost/Km: Rs 1.67


revolt rv400

On Road Cost : Rs 110,000

Range (Distance travelled with full charge):80 Km

Price of 1 Unit (KwH) : Rs 10

Cost/Km: Rs 0.38

Units required for full battery charge: 3 Units

Cost of ownership

Hero splendor

Hero Splendor

revolt rv400

Revolt RV400

Initial Price Difference : Rs 35,000

Break Even: 27,131.78km

(Kms to recover extra investment on electric motorcycle)

Minimum Kms/day: 18.58

(Calculated for 4 year period)

Hero Splendor is largest selling petrol motorcycle in India.It sells 2 million units yearly in India.

For any Electric Motorcycle to be successful ,it must compete and make economic sense against Hero Splendor.

RV400 is more expensive but makes complete economic sense in the long run.

Light Use

After 4 years

20 km/day

Total Kms: 29,200.00 kms

Petrol Cost for Splendor:Rs 48,764

Electricity Cost for RV400:Rs11,096


Rs 2,668

Moderate Use

After 4 years

25 km/day

Total Kms: 36,500.00 kms

Petrol Cost for Splendor:Rs 60,955

Electricity Cost for RV400:Rs 13,870


Rs 12085

Heavy Use

After 4 years

35 km/day

Total Kms:51,100.00 kms

Petrol Cost for Splendor:Rs 85337

Electricity Cost for RV400:Rs 19,418



Rs 30,919

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